What a good career coaching session really looks like

People who are not my kids think it’s really interesting to listen to my side of a coaching phone call. In fact, lots of people say they’d pay to hear both sides, but it’s clear to me that if someone knows another person is listening to them the call gets useless fast and sounds more like a job interview.

My kids have had enough. And now that my youngest is home alone with me he has taken to pausing his video game to yell out a personality type. Just from hearing my side of the call. Really. That’s how easy it is.

What I want to do in coaching sessions is say, “This is your personality type, here’s your real problem, here’s how to fix it.” But people tell me I can’t possibly know everything from personality type, and they complain that I’m not listening to them about their uniqueness. So instead I don’t tell them about personality type and the person thinks I’m a mind reader.

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