What Are the Rules for Interview Shoes? Heels, Patent, Fabric, and More

I recently got a reader question asking whether she could interview in patent leather heels, and I thought it might make an interesting discussion here: what ARE the rules for interview shoes? What have you heard, what have you been advised, and what would you advise women interviewing at conservative offices to wear for shoes? I know we’ve talked about whether you can interview in 4″ heels in the past — as well as whether you can interview in flats — and of course I do a yearly roundup suggesting the best black heels for business attire, but I don’t think we’ve talked about the rules for interview shoes in a separate post.

(And it’s funny, because one might say, “there are no rules!” and then you see the stock photo above and I, at least, would say “eeesh, please not those 4″ platform heels,” so… there may be a few rules.

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