What’s Avoidance Coping And Alternative Strategies To Cope

If I had to sum up the overall vibe of the past two years in a single word, it would have to be “rollercoaster.” We’ve experienced clunky “ups” and stomach-dropping “downs.” We’ve been hit with emotional stress at every turn.

In tumultuous times like these, we have two choices: we can strap ourselves in and hang on tight, bracing ourselves to face them head-on, or we can cover our eyes while wishing desperately for the ride to end.

Though the latter response may be intensified due to the pandemic, humans have forever turned to avoidance coping when life gets uncomfortable or scary. Also called avoidant coping, it’s when we run and hide from our challenges instead of dealing with them.

There are many examples of avoidance coping. You may instantly conjure images of a woman stuffing her anxiety down with donuts or a man numbing his despair by drowning it in whiskey.

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