When to Update Your Professional Headshots

How old is your corporate headshot — and do you think it matters? At what point do you NEED to update your professional headshots?

As I’ve written about before, I’m very involved with one of Northwestern’s alumni groups — in fact, this year I’m membership co-chair. We just had a new member orientation that involved collecting photos of our new members for a slideshow, and I also had to collect photos from my fellow members of the Executive Committee for a second slideshow.

It was kind of interesting to see what professional headshots the women chose — and how old the photos were! One woman chose a recent, casual photo but told me she had a second one ready in case that didn’t work, noting, “It’s 14 years old but I think it still looks like me.” One of our new members admitted she had purposely chosen a photo where she looked younger than she was.

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