Why personality type doesn’t actually matter

In my courses about personality type, INFJs ask the most questions. ENTJs ask the fewest questions.

The only type less fun than an INTJ is an ISTJ. So if an INTJ wants to look fun they need to marry an ISTJ.

ENFJs were the nicest about me being late to every webinar and they were the type most lxdxikely to book a one-on-one coaching session after the course.

ENFPs take the personality test the most times and they get the most varied results. When I tell them that, they still take the test a million more times.

Melissa is the person I had the most fun doing courses with. We were both learning so much from each class. That’s the thing about courses — don’t ever take a course from someone who isn’t learning alongside you. Otherwise they won’t be engaged in the material. I remember that from college.

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